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Frequently Asked Questions

If any of your questions remain unanswered please send us a note.

Can I order a turnkey boat?

Jetstream specializes in the manufacturing of mini jet boat kits, bare welded hulls and the associated parts and components. The parts include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Sides

  • Bottom

  • Engine cover

  • Windshield

  • Plastic bottom

  • Intake kit

  • Engine mounts

  • Seats


Kit or welded hull?

Timeline and budget are the determining factors.  Kits have a 2-3 week lead time and ship with smaller dimensions.  Welded hulls are completed by our experienced fabricators and typically have a 10-20 week lead time. 


I’ve received my welded hull.  What now?

Once you have received your hull/kit it is time to source your engine and pump.


The most common propulsion systems are the engine and pump from a donor PWC (personal watercraft) and the most popular donors are Yamahas, Sea-Doos, and Kawasaki Jet Ski’s.  Check your local listings for availability.

Automotive engines from cars and motorcycles have been successfully used for propulsion. 


300 HP or more, right?

Jetstream's lightweight and nimble frames enable a low planing-speed making a 300 HP+ engine one of many suitable candidates.  Take a simple approach when looking for power: Find a donor that has the lowest hour in the best condition and is and within your budget while meeting our recommended horsepower minimum per boat below.

80hp+ for the 10' Headwater

100hp+ for the 12' Buccaneer, 2-seater

130hp+ for the 12' Buccaneer, 4-seater


What about the pump?

For compatibility with our intake kit, you'll need a pump diameter of between 150-161mm .  Our intake comes with pump adapters to adapt any pump 150mm or greater: Shop our Intake kits here.


In addition to the engine and pump, what can I salvage from my donor PWC?

Salvage all you can!  The gauges, wiring, fuel tank, ...


Can I get everything I need from Jetstream?

Almost!   We stock specialty parts that help complete your propulsion installation while recognizing that some items can be sourced locally, conveniently and inexpensively.  For example, while we offer heat exchangers, intake kits, sand trap filter kits and suspension seat bases, we don't offer hinges, sealant, or seat brackets.

Check out the Jetsream Online Store


Are there Instructions

Instructions are available here: instructions


How do I order and pay.

Parts and Accessories are available on our online store.

Kits and welded hull orders are started from our online kit builder.  Complete the form and we will send you an estimate with the next steps.  

To place your order we accept a 50% deposit.  Accepted payment methods include, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, wire payment, e-transfer or check.

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