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mini jet boat intake

Intake Kit

Jetstream fabricated intake with T1 steel stompgrate and 160mm opening.  Comes with billet adapter to fit for Seadoo, Kawasaki, Yamaha. includes all hardware.



mini jet boat steering ki

Jetboat Steering Kit

Seastar complete steering set up minus the wheel. 135* lock to lock. 5/16" cable and ball joint.


With wheel: $640

With tilt helm: $155

mini jet boat seats prp

PRP racing seats

vinyl dark grey on light grey suspension seats.  Available in silver, green, blue, or orange stitching

pair of buckets: $1199

49" or 57" bench: $1080

2+ rear cushions: $635

mini jet boat fuel tank parts

80L tank kit u-build


1/2" fitting x2

1 1/2" filler

.125" 5052 aluminum

pieces cut and formed


mini jet boat heat exchanger parts

Heat Exchanger

To replace the seado ride plate.  Hheat exchanger comes with  correct fitting for oem seadoo hoses.  *All copper and MADE IN USA


$575 (300HP+)

mini jet boat hardware kit

UHMW Hardware Kit

stainless steel 5/16 hardware. 825 pcs.  Includes bolts, rubber bonded washers, and nyloc nuts.


mini jet boat collant filtertration kit

Coolant Filtration

32 micron filter and mount. Available 1ith 3/4'' and 1/2'' fittings.



mini jet boat battery tray parts

Battery tray/hold down kit

Upgrade to an automotive  battery. side mount. all hardware included



mini jet boat windshield kit parts

Windshield Kit

Lexan windshield kit includes frame, gaskets and lexan.

10': $1025

12': $1175

12' walk-through: $1425

mini jet boat fuel ring seadoo parts

Seadoo Fuel Ring

Fuel ring for 2009+ seadoos.


mini jet boat impeller parts


SACO Impellers with thick blades for durability.  Limited supply.  For some Yamahas and Kawasakis.


mini jet boat headseat parts

Earmuff with Bluetooth

Tufftalk Lite over-the-head earmuff with long-range bluetooth communication


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