Jetstream fabricated intake with T1 steel stompgrate. 160mm opening with billet adapers for Seadoo, Kawasaki, Yamaha. includes all hardware. $1700

jetstrem intake

battery tray/hold down

Upgrade to a automotive  battery. side mount. all hardware included $150

coolant filtration

32 micron filter and mount. Available 1ith 3/4'' and 1/2'' fittings.



80L tank kit u-build


1/2" fitting x2

1 1/2" filler

.125" 5052 aluminum

pieces cut and formed


windshield kit

 lexan windshield kit. included frame, gaskets and lexan.

10' $1025

12' $1175

12' walk through $1425

PRP racing seats

vinyl dark grey on light grey suspension seats.

silver, green, blue stitching

$1090 -  pair of buckets

$980- 49"  / 57" bench

$580 - 2+ rear cushions

PRP seats

Jet boat steering kit

Seastar complete steering set up minus the wheel. 135* lock to lock. 5/16" cable and ball joint.

$575 ($640 w/ wheel)

$155 tilt helm option

mini boat steering

Heat exchanger

heat x.jpg

to replace seado ride plate heat exchnger with  correct fitting for oem seadoo hoses.

all copper